The LofTee Golf Tee Will Revolutionize Your Game!

Produces longer drives that outdistance the competition by 9 yards!

  • Straighter Drive
  • Longer Drive From the Tee
  • Improves Accuracy
  • Builds Confidence
  • Gives You a Competitive Edge
  • Reduces Embarrassment

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For as little as $9.95 you can Play Like a Pro™ and regain your confidence.

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The LofTee Golf Tee is a golfer’s best friend! It improves your game right from the tee box and helps rebuild your confidence so you can Play Like a Pro, whether it’s your first time or your 500th time teeing off. Its patented 45 degree angle will revolutionize your game!

How it works

It’s all about physics. The LofTee Golf Tee’s patented design creates more friction at strike so the initial trajectory angle is increased to create an immediate mechanical loft effect. This causes a forward rotation at impact that reduces lift and gives you a longer, straighter drive.

Independently tested

The LofTee Golf Tee was sent to Golf Laboratories in California for independent equipment testing against other tees that are currently in the marketplace. And like any proud parent, we were not surprised that it came home with the gold! This product was proven to have a better launch angle, less reverse spin, less loft, more distance and more roll giving it +9 yards on drive compared to its competitors!

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I haven't hit a golf ball this far in 20 yrs!


This tee has completely changed my golf game!


Our 45 degree angle & front serrated groove gives you a longer, straighter drive.


Love The Game Again

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