• How can a ‘golf tee’ possibly effect the distance a golf ball will travel?

    The shape of the tee, and the front edge, causes an effect that changes the flight angle as the golf ball leaves the tee. The greater the flight angle, up to 45 degrees, the longer flight time & distance. (laws of Physics)

  • Is this tee legal?

    In tournament play, probably not, however under USGA rule 14-3, a device used during a round of golf that can construed as a medical aid, to assist a golfer that has a handicap or medical condition, could be ruled as allowable. (i.e. – Arthritics prevents a golfer from achieving a full back swing and the tee could compensate with a few extra yards – hence allowing a competitive round) Under rule 14-3 it MUST be proven/documented that this tee medically assists a golfer with an ailment, affliction, or handicap and does not create an undue advantage.

  • If it’s not generally legal or conforming, won’t I get in trouble for using it on the course?

    Not unless the ‘Golf Police” show up. Golf is a game played by most people for enjoyment and friendly competition. I doubt there is a golfer who has “never” improved his or her lie at some point in time, or used some other device just so they could have some fun.

  • Will these tee’s break?

    Eventually yes, however they are made of a very good grade of an ABS plastic that is extremely durable. You will notice a slight bend or deformation on the shaft after several strikes.

  • So this is for a Driver only?

    No – as a matter of fact – it actually works better with a FAIRWAY wood out of the tee box. Sometimes a golfer wants more control on a short par 4 and will tee of with a 3-wood/fairway wood.

  • Does this tee work with irons?

    No – Drivers, fairway/3- woods, and hybrid irons.

  • I have a very high swing velocity (120 MPH) – does the ball go further?

    Absolutely! Our tests were done at approximately 92 MPH, so your distance will significantly increase. We have had people tell us they are getting 20 more yards!

  • I’m just beginning – will this tee help.

    Yes – It will help you gain the confidence you want and it could compensate for an erroneous swing. A low initial swing with a standard tee causes the ball to stay low creating the dreaded ‘worm burner’. The Lof-Tee helps you get more height and ‘air time – better chance to make the fairway.

  • What if I want more than just 3 or 6 tees. Can I purchase in bulk like other golf tees?

    Sure – just contact us with what you have in mind, quantity, or whatever you need at the following e-mail address. We’ll help in any way we can. info@lofteegolftee.com