About Lof Tee

The LofTee Golf Tee is the answer your golf game has been looking for! Whether you are new to the game or spend every other weekend on the green, this golf tee is a game changer. One of the worst things you can experience, as a golfer, is the embarrassment and ridicule that comes from playing like an amateur in front of colleagues and friends. It was this very scenario that set the inventor of LofTee in motion.

Developed by an engineering graduate of Oklahoma University, he approached this problem as methodically and mathematically as he would any of his engineering planning and building projects. The result? An innovative, superior golf tee designed to mechanically compensate for a poor golf swing and help improve your game right from the tee box.

The LofTee Golf Tee gives you the confidence you need to get back in the game and Play Like a Pro™.

Lof Tee Golf Tee About Us

• Improves Accuracy

• Longer Drive From the Tee

• Straighter Drive

• Reduces Embarrassment

• Builds Confidence

• Gives You a Competitive Edge

How it works

While keeping the weekend golfer in mind, LofTee was designed as an easy to use golf tee with a patented design, utilizing a serrated ramp that sets the ball up for optimal distance and loft. It doesn’t matter whether you top the ball, swing too hard, look up or move your feet. If you make contact with the ball, it goes up every time.

When The LofTee Golf Tee is inserted into the ground at a 45-degree angle, it allows the shaft design to absorb a percentage of the impact force of the club to the ball during the strike. The serrated groove creates friction while the ball’s initial angle of trajectory at strike, is increased to create an immediate mechanical loft effect. The increase in friction also causes a forward rotation at impact (counter clockwise) that reduces lift and increases distance due to the ball rolling forward instead of a reverse rotation which decreases forward roll upon impact in the fairway.

Commonly, when a ball is struck with most golf clubs, a reverse spin (clockwise) takes place immediately. This reverse rotation can cause too much lift when the ball travels through the air and can take the ball out of the optimum travel angle of 45 degrees. By creating a device with forward spin capability, lift is decreased and the angle of attack can be kept at a constant.

The LofTee Golf Tee is perfect for both beginners and seasoned golfers who are looking for a competitive edge that helps them Play Like a Pro™.