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Love The Game Again

By January 18, 2016 Blog


Nothing compares to the quiet moments between you and the green. That moment before you swing, is filled with excitement, exhilaration and sometimes trepidation. But, if you’re like many, you may  have lost confidence in your swing, in your game and in yourself.

We understand. We have seen it many times.

After playing the game for decades you probably started to notice a weaker swing and shorter drive, which was embarrassing. No one else really noticed but you knew it was there. The more you played, the more you worried about how you were going to play and the more you worried, the worse you played until eventually, you lost all of your confidence.

Maybe you are thinking about getting started or are new to the game? The fear you feel when you step up to the tee box is normal. That first drive sets the pace and frankly, the mood of the game. If you start off shaky you aren’t going to enjoy yourself half as much as you would if you avoided all the hazards and landed in the sweet spot. But, don’t let that nervousness stop you from giving it a try!

We understand. We have been there.

After one particularly brutal game, we decided there had to be a better way and set off with the intention of finding a solution. With a methodical and mathematical approach we applied basic physics principles to our design and invented a revolutionary golf tee.

The Lof Tee Golf Tee is the result and we believe it is the answer we (and you) have been waiting for!

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